Multibox Garage Parks & Storages

Are you looking for a garage box, camper spot, storage space, or a commercial space? We offer a wide choice for both entrepreneurs and individuals.

80,000 m² storage space

1000+ garage boxes

24/7 access

10 locations


Safe facilities at various locations

MULTIBOX garage parks & storage facilities can be found at multiple locations. In Dordrecht, Papendrecht, Rotterdam Nesselande, and in Gorinchem. In 2024, a new complex will also be built in Oude-Tonge with commercial and storage spaces, as well as a large camper storage.

The minimum rental period for all our services is one year.

RV site

Camper storage

garage boxes

Garage boxes

Camper storage

Garage boxes

Parking systems

About Multibox

MULTIBOX garage parks & storage facilities offer a wide selection of garage boxes and camper storage spaces for both entrepreneurs and individuals. The well-secured complexes are suitable for use as business or storage space and workspace, as well as for storing your classic car, trailer, camper, or boat.

The boxes and storage spaces are available for both sale and rent.



Do you want to invest in real estate?

Then investing in our MULTIBOX garage parks is a serious option! Garage boxes are popular among private investors, as well as - starting - entrepreneurs. A good garage box increases in value and can offer an attractive return on investment.

Maintenance-free, minimal maintenance costs

Freely tradable

Different sizes

24/7 accessible with own access pass

Indoor and outdoor high-quality camera surveillance

High level of amenities

Access complexes via electrically operated gates


For every investor, we offer a customized investment option. Contact us for the options.