Multibox 23


Van Kleef Dordrecht Vastgoed develops multifunctional garage parks and stables under the name MULTIBOX. In addition, we develop real estate projects in the broadest sense of the word.

Do you want to invest optimally in real estate with a good return?

Then investing in MULTIBOX garage parks is a serious option. Garage boxes are popular among private investors, but also among - starting - entrepreneurs. The expectation is that the demand will increase!

This form of investment caters to the growing number of self-employed and small businesses in need of their own business premises. Handyman companies are looking for secure storage for tools and machinery. And what about the enormous growth in online shops? Online sales is a huge growth market, for which internet entrepreneurs are looking for warehouse space. That is why the use of affordable, multifunctional garage boxes is on the rise.

Maintenance-free, minimal maintenance costs

Freely tradable

Different sizes

24/7 accessible with own access pass

Access to complexes via electrically operated gates

Indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras

High level of amenities

Customize boxes to your own preferences

Favorable tax benefits and return

Real chance of value increase

Easily accessible locations

Good investment

Van Kleef Dordrecht Vastgoed develops and builds interconnected garage boxes on secured premises. The garage parks are located at various locations in southwest Netherlands. We offer a customized investment option for every investor.

Buying a garage box at MULTIBOX is a good investment, both for personal use as storage space or as an investment. We have a competitive pricing strategy: deliberately aimed at increasing rental yield and net return. Moreover, it offers you interesting tax benefits.

If you do not use your garage box yourself, you can rent it out under your own management. The garage boxes are freely tradable. Renting out real estate such as a garage box is a good way to generate additional monthly income and a good investment for the future. Of course, we can also assist you in renting out your garage box!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does purchasing a garage box involve?

You are purchasing a garage in one of our MULTIBOX garage parks and storage facilities. A MULTIBOX garage park and storage facility is a complex with garage units intended for handling, storage, and associated production facilities for processing and/or processing of goods.

You are hereby purchasing an apartment right in a MULTIBOX garage park and storage facility, which makes you the owner of a share in the ownership of the land and buildings with the exclusive right to use your garage unit.

What is a purchase/contract agreement?

When you buy a garage, the mutual rights and obligations are laid down in an agreement, the purchase/construction agreement. This agreement regulates matters relating to the purchase of the land and the construction of the garage.

May I rent out my garage box?

With the purchase of the apartment right, you have the authority to exclusively use a garage box. You can either use this garage box yourself or proceed with renting it out. You are completely free to attract a tenant, enter into a rental agreement, and manage the administrative rental process.

Do I have to rent out garage boxes through MULTIBOX?

No. You are free to engage a broker and/or another party for these activities. However, you can also use our services for these activities.

What is the rental guarantee?

If you invest more than € 150,000 (which by definition means multiple garage boxes), you can benefit from the rental guarantee, where MULTIBOX guarantees a fixed return for 5 years.

How does rental come about?

It is common to use the model of the Real Estate Council (ROZ) for rentals. The lease agreement includes, among other things, the rent (the amount), the term, and other provisions.

What else should I do if the garage box is rented out?

In principle, not much. The VvE (Owners' Association) takes care of the maintenance and insurance of the park for you. When terminating a lease agreement and entering into a new lease agreement, an inventory of the garage box and meter readings (water and electricity) must be taken. You can outsource this (so-called rental management) to a rental manager.